Gonzalez Cano y Compañía

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Our company

González Cano (Gocasa) started operations on September 26Th, 1971. For distribution, importing and exporting raw materials and chemical products, at the present time has the responsibility for attending sales in Mexican market of 17 companies that manufacture or re distribute raw materials for following industries: Rubber, Paints, Inks, Paper, Ceramic, Adhesives, Brake Pads, and so on.


In 1971 Gocasa started with 13 employees, with the growing of the company it has been necessary increase the number of employee, currently are over 66 employees, besides the personnel in charge of load, unload of merchandise for delivery in Mexico City and around cities, like Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Morelos and North and South borders of Mexico.

Our team

Gocasa counts with a professional sales team with broad expertise, that offers a custom technical service, from best recommendation of right material until delivery of products.

What do we do?

We import and distribute raw materials and chemicals for industries.




Personnel of Gocasa also is in charge of distribution and sales of products and follow up day after day in different routes of sales personnel with the finality to guarantee total coverage, addressed to retails, besides this, work together with marketing for launching of products and offerings.



Managing of Gocasa is handled by a Controller and a General Accounting with 6 accounting assistants for developing activities that demands this area.



Logistics personnel handles traffic of Purchase Orders of products to guarantee quality of products and deliveries to be on time.

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